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Technical Data

 Name  TDF (Tree Dee Fun)
 Manufacturing and sales  Henseleit Helicopters
 Main rotor diameter  up to 1600 mm
 Rotor blades  680 – 720 mm
 Recommended rotor blades  710 mm / 175 – 210 g
 Tail rotor blades  up to 110 mm carbon blades
 Empty weight of the mechanic  approx 1800 g
 Total weight – depending on used components  3.6 – 4.8 kg
 Total length – tip of canopy to end of tail  1390 mm
 Total height  380 mm
 Maximum width of skits  190 mm
 Maximum width of canopy  140 mm
 Recommended motor  PYRO 650 – 65 (6S and 7S setup)

 PYRO 700 – 52 (for 10S)

 PYRO 700 – 45 (for 12S)

 Maximum motor PYRO 750 – 45 Competition (for 12S)

 Recommended ESC  JIVE PRO 80+ HV  


 KOSMIK 160+HV  depending on motor and flight syle

 Gear ratio main rotor to tail rotor  1 : 5,56    (tail rotor is running during auto rotation)
 Gear ratio motor to main rotor  9,27 : 1
 Maximum flight pack size (L x W x H)  340 mm x 60 mm x 62 mm

When using 6S or 7S, the flight pack should be a weight of minimum 800 g.

 Recomended servos and some general things  In gereral al standard servos can be used, but the TDF can also be flown with mid size servos due to his weight and  Linear Drive System, as 80 Ncm torque is more than enough.

 Normally these servos are only half in weight of standard ones – so a total saving of about 160 g is possible.

Important is, tha there is no play in the servo and that the are precise in finding and holding their position.

The enormous torque of up to 300 Ncm, the manufacturers are beating each other, I believe in substantial exaggerating. Servos with more than 150 Ncm using in this helicopters are not useful.

Even with 3 mid size servos the swash plate is pushed with nearly 25 kg (2 ½ baskets of water).

Considered that the rotor blade with cyclical pitch and 1800 RPM on the main rotor change from one side to the other about 30 times a second – you can imagine that the forces cannot be as high, as the stud bolts would not stay in the plastic ball link if the force would be as high.


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