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Prices and Options

TDR-II – kit with high quality glass fiber canopy  1.520,- € (1280,- € excl. VAT)

Optional high quality carbon canopy instead of the glass fibre canopy/ surcharge  90,-€ (75,- € excl. VAT)

Additional option:
Retractable gear (consisting of 6 mm carbon skids, electric gear mechanism, mounting parts and rods) 140,- € (118,- € excl. VAT)

Additional battery support for quick-change system with 4 velcros  58,- € (49,- € excl. VAT)

Drive options

KONTRONIK has developed special drives for the TDR-II and TDS.
Motor and ESC are modified to fit perfectly to the helicopter.
The motor shaft is shortened to the responding length and the ESC has rounded black anodized cooling gills which fit to the shape of the canopy. This protects the canopy from damages.
The OEM-version with special design can only be purchased from us.
We offer special prices for the drive options together with the TDR-II / TDS.

There are two drive options available:

Option 1

PYRO 800-48 & Cool KOSMIK 200 HV (Henseleit Edition)

Price: 1100,- € (925,- € excl. VAT)

Recommended for all kinds of flying at all head speeds from 3D to speed flying.
The engine provides high torque and a smooth, efficient operation.
Even though this setup provides a lot of power long flying times are possible.
A well-balanced setup which we can warmly recommend.

Option 2

PYRO 850-50 Competition & Cool KOSMIK 200 HV (Henseleit Edition)

Price: 1280,- € (1075,- € excl. VAT)

This setup is recommended for speed-pilots only who participate in competitions and aim for records.
The TDR-II or TDS with this drive option fits to experienced pilots with good eyesight.
When flying at maximum load a 4400 mAh battery lasts for 4 flybys.

Single prices for customers who only need the motor or the ESC:

Cool Kosmik 200 HV (Henseleit Edition) 770,- € (650,- € excl. VAT)

PYRO 800-48 (Henseleit Edition) 450,- € (380,- € excl. VAT)

PYRO 850-50 Competition (Henseleit Edition) 620,- € (520,- € excl. VAT)


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